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The powerful “Zapper” mind technology combined with audible suggestions. Use the CD three different ways: 1) Be mentally programmed in your home or office while sitting down and doing other things such as working at a computer or reading. 2) Use it as closed-eye meditative programming. 3) Use it as sleep programming. Simply listen as you go to sleep.

Some of the Spoken Suggestions

(NOTE: Scientists have proven anxiety and fear suppress your immune system so stopping these thoughts is critically important.) From this moment on you accept only positive, neutral, loving, or supportive thoughts and feelings. And if other thoughts should creep in, you immediately recognize and reject them. You reject all undesired thoughts, never dwelling upon them. If you attempt to reason out such thoughts and what’s behind them, it only strengthens them. So you instantly “stop” the thought and reverse it. Say the word “stop,” out loud or silently in your mind -- visualizing a red stop sign as you say “stop.” Then reverse the power of the thought by vividly imaging things being exactly as you want them to be. And these suggestions are being communicated to every level of your body and mind, and they’re accepted on every level of your body and mind, and so it is. More.

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