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By Richard "Dick" Sutphen.

Let’s say the person closest to you is often warm and loving, and you enjoy these times, but this person can also be selfish and self-centered. During those times, you consciously detach and let the negativity flow through you without affecting you. It is that person’s right to be grouchy, and it is your right not to be affected. Nothing about the situation has changed except the way you view it. You can be programmed to achieve a Detached Mind. Suggestion examples: From this moment on, you let negativity flow through you without affecting you. You detach from negative people, negative situations, and negative news. Self-Liberation is a priority in your life. You detach from expectations, judgment and blame. You view problems as opportunities, which you can deal with and effectively resolve or control. You can block outside influences, you can defuse angry and you can put a person out of your mind. Many more. A standard hypnosis countdown, plus the background sound is Richard’s “Mind Converter,” which quickly puts the listeners in a deep state of hypnosis.

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