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74-Minute Course with 2 Hypnosis Sessions

By Richard “Dick” Sutphen

Self-hypnosis is the ultimate self-help tool. In only 74 minutes, you learn how to hypnotize yourself and use all the most powerful mind-programming techniques to create the mental, physical or success-oriented changes you desire. From then on, anytime, anywhere, you can quickly go into hypnosis and give yourself life-changing commands. With self-hypnosis, you and you alone are always in control.

Use a quick trance to reduce stress, control appetite, focus attention, block pain, override fears and phobias, enhance sexual prowess, accelerate learning, go right to sleep, or hundreds of other situations.

Use long-term mind-programming to lose weight, program success, accomplish goals, accelerate healing, develop self-confidence, increase self-discipline, and any other positive changes you can think of.

Dick provides easy-to-follow instructions, then directs you through two sessions to demonstrate how to do it yourself and how to get the results you desire. You’ll learn how to formulate suggestions, use a repeat technique, create ultra-powerful visualizations, and program post-hypnotic suggestions.

Tracks: 1. Self-Hypnosis Basics. 2. Self-Hypnosis Session One. 3. The Power Techniques. 4. Reminders and Preparation. 5. Self-Hypnosis Session Two. 6. Final Advice.

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