I just thought I should let you know that I find your hypnosis to be the best on the market. I have only been using them for 2 days and I am already starting to notice results. I really like the way you incorporate visualization in the hypnosis, that technique itself makes your hypnosis better than many I have tried. Your Truly Didier
Hi how are you. I just wanted to tell you a little story about the book "The oracle within". One of my good friends came for dinner and introduced this brilliant intuitive book to me an the other dinner guest. This book answered everyone's questions with a uncanny accuracy. We were actually blown away. We all listened to each others questions and had a real eye opener about the book. Well as years passed by an countless people using the book an healing themselves, it has worn out the book quite considerably. Its quite a testimony as to the Constance use of the book. I just wanted to send you some positive feed back about your wonderful book. Thanks for your pearls of wisdom an teaching. I will be sourcing another book shortly. Do you still sell "The oracle within" if so I am keen to replace my brilliant book. Thanks again you are fantastic. Have a brilliant day filled with lovely smiles an giggles. -Maria M.Maria M.
Do Things Twice As Fast -  Hello, I just wanted to let you know how helpful your Hypnosis CD, Do Things Twice As Fast has been for me. I have been listening to hypnosis tapes and CDs for many years, and this one is definitely the best and most effective for me. I am a homemaker, and your CD has increased my productivity and concentration greatly. Thanks for the wonderful product! Sincerely, - Amy
Discontinued Anxiety Drugs -  I wanted you to know I have been listening to the custom mind-programming CD you made me every night at bedtime. It seems to have helped. I have discontinued most of the anxiety drugs and use your suggestions on a daily basis! God bless you and thank you again, - Deborah M.Deborah M.
Negativity Magically Disappeared -  Richard & Roberta-Private Session: I came to see you because my ex continued to occupy my mind. Although there was communication between us, it was minimal and angry. During the regressions, you helped me to forgive and asked his essence to forgive me, and we did. That evening, instead of contacting me via email or text message, he called for the first time in months. We’ve been in contact almost daily, sometimes several times a day, and we’re even spending time together and having a great time doing it. It seems like after the regression, the negativity between us magically disappeared! I am happy whether we get back together or remain friends. I’m thrilled that after months of feeling like I was in ex-boyfriend coma, I am now able to think about others seriously, especially like my health and career. Thank you both so much. - Marie R.Marie R.
Diagnosed With HIV -  In 1987, at the age of 23, I found out I was HIV positive. I am eternally grateful to the counselor that I met with that day. She handed me a piece of paper with some recommendations and one of them was your tape, “A Strong Immune System.” In the early days, I used that program in earnest, believing that it would help. Others died around me, but I made up my mind that HIV would never get in the way of my life. And it never has. I truly feel the foundation of my good health goes back to the foundation of my good health goes back to the early days of my diagnosis when I made your voice and message my reality. Gratefully yours, - Tim J.Tim J.
THEY HIRED ME ON THE SPOT -  This is a note of thanks for starting me out on a new career. After your class, I went on to be certified by the ABH and got a job with the positive changes hypnosis chain. When I showed them my certificate from your Professional Hypnosis Training and mentioned your name, they hired me on the spot. Thanks for everything. - Jim F.Jim F.
BLOOD PRESSURE WAY DOWN -  Thank you for a wonderful seminar week. Had a great time. Blood pressure last night was down to 94/74! Down from 160/102. Guess I needed that seminar. Haha. Think my doc can write me a prescription for more Sutphen Seminars for medicinal purposes? Love and Light, - Judy K.Judy K.
YOU SAVED MY LIFE -  When I told the people in the Ft. Lauderdale Professional Hypnotist Training that I would not be alive today if it were not for you, I was serious. For seven years, I had struggled with past-life memories of surviving in a concentration camp for five years only to commit suicide after being liberated. The guilt of surviving and finding my children had been murdered by the Nazis was at the root of the suicide. In this life, I was not handling the guilt much better. I could never overtly kill myself again, but I hated myself and was in the process of destroying my body with excess weight. In your seminar, I had a huge personal breakthrough was able to free myself from guilt. Almost “instantly,” I lost nearly 100 pounds and a very sick marriage. Had you not been there for me, I would have died. Not only did you save my life, but you have given me a wonderful tool that I’ve used with countless clients for ten years now. Words cannot express my gratitude. - Peter O.Peter O.
INCREDIBLE SELF-CONFIDENCE -  I must tell you of my changed life. I was given your Video Hypnosis DVD called “Incredible Self Confidence.” My whole life is different now. I used to stutter, and I don’t anymore. Whereas before, I would easily give up on something I didn’t understand, believing I was not smart enough to figure it out. Now, I just scored in the top 3% of over 400 people who took a Civil Service Exam. This was the same type of exam I took last year, and I walked out in tears. This year, I answered every question! I also had the courage to get out of a relationship that was not good for me. I stood up for myself and walked away, when before, I thought I couldn’t find anyone better. Thank you so very much. You are my hero! - Karen A.Karen A.
HEALING ACCELERATION -  My business is a Body & Soul Healing Clinic, and I use your CDs as part of my healing work. I tell everyone having surgery to use them. I suggest they take an audio player to the hospital, headphones ready, and to use it as soon as possible after surgery. I used “Healing Acceleration” myself, shortly after moving to Denver. I knew few people and had no support system, and was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I had the CD player on top of my suitcase and as soon as I was back in my room after the recovery room, I asked a nurse to hand me the player. I played the CD over and over until supper time. As a result, I used very little IV pain medication and was completely off the IV system by the next morning. I about drove the nurses crazy because they did not know what to do with a “well” patient. I continued to use the CD in the hospital and when I returned home. Instead of being off six weeks to heal, I went back to work in 10 days. My doctor was very interested in what I was doing and suggested the same to some of his patients. By the way, that was the beginnings of my life path change into healing as a career (from high pressure corporate accounting controller). Thank you for the part you played even though you were not aware. - Marlene M.Marlene M.
ZAPPER CDS -  Zapper CDs are so wonderful. I can’t imagine my life without them. Your website is very informative and user friendly. - Nikki D.Nikki D.
OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE -  I was introduced to you in the 80s when I was hanging out with my mother-in-law (and as it turned out, my best friend). She was into all that woo-woo stuff. We ended up at one of your past-life seminars in San Diego. After experiencing two past lives and having an out-of-body experience where you took us through the roof of the hotel, I was hooked. Your CDs have led me through a parallel life and much relaxation. After learning your hypnosis techniques, I can even put myself out with a count to 10 while I’m at the dentist. I tell him to wake me when it’s over. He tells me he’s not putting me to sleep. Then I say I am. It works great. I’m now in NJ, and I’ve ordered several CD’s recently, which I just love because I have trouble sleeping. I also happily discovered your radio program and can listen from my desk at work. Thank you so much for all the joy and help you’ve given me. - Rosemarie F.Rosemarie F.
“ALTERED MY LIFE, TREMENDOUSLY” -  Hi Richard, The regression experience with you was a great benefit to me and I wanted to give you some feedback. I could actually feel the feelings, smell the smell, feel the environment such as wind and weather, etc. I recall so clearly the various lifetimes we visited—most particularly the one I truly did not want to go to. I see my current level of detached emotions stems clearly from that significant life experience. The horror of that incarnation dramatically echoes in my current life. I can even see those souls who were there and are here now. The benefit is that this time, I refused to allow them to drain me of my life. I survived and flourished! I found it amazing that while being regressed that my body now felt in the here and now all the emotions of those earlier lives--from the terror to the absolute joy. Another interesting tidbit, was the answers to your questions seemed to materialize in my mind before you even finished asking them—not sure if that was my guide or just the way of me. I have realized such relief from the constant internal dialog! I slept soundly that night for the first time in years—really truly rested for once. I awoke feeling better than I had in all memory. I have since noticed a difference in my responses to life situations and changes, which is a dramatic departure from my norm. I am calmer and less reactive—a blessing I embrace. I thank you from my soul for the assistance—it has altered my life tremendously. Blessings! - Sandy D.Sandy D.
PROFOUND REGRESSION -  I just want Dick to know how profound my regression was last Wednesday morning. I am still processing the huge effect to my body and soul. I am very grateful to have had this experience and this information given to me. It completes my 60 years of struggle from serious child abuse. I no longer need to feel the guilt that I was carrying around, because I have worked it off. I feel entirely different and free from it all now. The past-life regression was a major turning point in my life. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul. - Mary D.Mary D.
I really enjoy your show, Dick. The hour always passes quickly, sometimes way too quickly. I especially like the ones you do with Carol Morgan because the energy between you two is so positive, light and infectious. Even when you're talking about "heavy" subjects! Your show is a real winner and please just keep doin' what you're doin'! - Marc B.Marc B.
Thank you so much for the class on entity attachment. My life is good and this tool invaluable. at least half of my clients don't feel like themselves and had been in hospital or had heavy drug use earlier in life. You are an amazing couple and thank you for one of the best experiences I have had learning. Blessings to you and Roberta - John B.John B.
I have had the opportunity over the past twenty some years to use and review the work of many who make their living selling therapeutic self hypnosis materials and I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of it is junk and/or of low quality recording. One skilled therapeutic hypnotist who has consistently impressed me over the years with his material, methods, and quality is Dick Sutphen. He has been doing this for at least as long as I have been studying it, over twenty some years, and has quite a large library of very useful self hypnosis sessions, all of which can be purchased and downloaded in mp3 format immediately. I've used them, continue to use them, and know when I'm buying a new product that I can rely on it as useful, beneficial, and of high quality. - William B.William B.
I want to thank you both, Richard and Roberta, for a most wonderful experience on Sunday. And for the promptness of getting my mp3's to me so quickly. Can't wait to go to sleep tonite with Richard's soothing voice and my own personal programming to change my life. I am recommending this new age/metaphysical exam to all my open- minded friends as I believe everyone could benefit greatly! I had a terrific time with both of you. It was truly my pleasure to meet you, Roberta, for the very first time, sister Pisces! And always good to see Richard again too. Thank you thank you...words cannot express my appreciation and joy! - Kimiko S.Kimiko S.
Dear Dick and Roberta, I just want to thank you both for another enlightening experience which I enjoyed very much!!  You are both just phenomenal people with amazing expertise!! Thank you so much!!! - CarolynCarolyn
Dear Roberta, Thank you so much for everything! I’m still absorbing the session. It was so wonderful! You and Richard are the greatest. I feel so much better. It was everything I hoped for and more. I have listened to my mp3 daily. If you ever want to come to NH, you are welcome to stay here. I feel like I’ve known you two for ever – and Roberta, you even know my relatives now. (Ha Ha) Love and Peace to both of you! Thank you so much! – Gail S.Gail S.