From Sedona, Arizona The Spiritual Center of America

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Valley Of The Sun

Planning a visit to Valley of the Sun, Arizona? Many people belive that Sedona is the spiritual center of North America. Do yourself a fine favor by arranging one or more spiritual hypnotherapy sessions with Richard Sutphen during your stay in the beautiful American Southwest. Send your request via email or give us a call at your earliest convenience.

Richard Sutphen

Are you familiar with the work of Richard Sutphen? He is the author of the remarkable book, You Were Born Again to Be Together. If you are interested in learning about your past lives or wish to submit to spiritual hypnotherapy, please get in touch with us as soon as you can.


Do you believe in reincarnation? The vast majority of people living on Earth hold some sort of belief that souls are reborn again and again. Richard Sutphen invites you to consult with him to determine who you used to be and how that old self may affect your current life on this planet.

Past-life Therapy

Who were you before you inhabited the fleshly body you are currently wearing? Richard and Roberta Sutphen invite you to give past-life therapy a chance. You may be more influenced by your long-ago self than you even realize. Find out who you once were and how that person may be affecting your life today.

Dick Sutphen

If you are among the nearly half a million people in North America who hear his radio shows every week, you may find yourself wondering where you can obtain CDs and MP3s by the remarkable psychic healer Dick Sutphen. You may purchase his CDs at Amazon or download MP3s for free on this website.

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