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Dick Sutphen

Dick Sutphen

If you are among the nearly half a million people in North America who hear his radio shows every week, you may find yourself wondering where you can obtain CDs and MP3s by the remarkable psychic healer Dick Sutphen. You may purchase his CDs at Amazon or download MP3s for free on this website.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness much like an artificially induced sleep that occurs during hypnotherapy, during which the hypnotist uses suggestion in order to help a patient dig into his or her repressed thoughts, memories, and ideas. While a person under hypnosis is in a relaxed mental state that resembles sleep, his or her brain is fully active as if awake. If you are interested in hypnosis, spiritual therapies, and other types of meditative methodologies, check out books authored by Dick Sutphen, also the author of the best seller, Were Born Again to Be Together. In this website, you can explore some excellent products, seminars and trainings offered by one of the most well-known professional hypnotists of this time.

Research suggest that the brain's hypnotic state allows a person to have a deeply focused attention, which means that random thoughts are very unlikely to occur when a person is in the state. Just the same, the brain becomes more susceptible or vulnerable to suggestion, making him or her more likely to follow suggestions or orders from a hypnotist, as well as be influenced by the behaviors and ideas discussed during the hypnosis. Dick Sutphen is the person to turn to for your questions about hypnotism. Richard Sutphen has authored at least 21 New Age books and is recognized by Simon & Schuster as America's Foremost Psychic Researcher. Check out this website for seminars, trainings, private sessions, and products relating to hypnotics.

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