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2-Hour Past Life Therapy Session

One-on-one private appointment with Richard Sutphen over the phone, via skype, or in person.

Richard will spend the first 20 minutes or so interviewing you to understand exactly what it is you are wanting to accomplish, then bring you down into an altered-state hypnosis where you can go back-to-the-cause to find your solutions, or discover any of your past-lives that are affecting your current life.

Richard will guide you up into Higher mind to achieve a better understanding of what your life is all about and help you find your purpose.

You’ll also have an opportunity to meet those in Spirit who help guide and protect you in life: Your Spirit Guide or Guides, Master Teachers, loved ones, and those who have been with you lifetime after lifetime.

Richard has been hypnotizing people since the 1970s and is considered the very best–a Master Hypnotherapist. You will be in the hands of an expert and many, many who have been hypnotized by him has said it has been life-changing.


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Three 90-Minute Sessions with Richard

These sessions are for PHONE or SKYPE ONLY.

Three 90-minute sessions that will be custom tailored to your needs. For example, you want to LOSE WEIGHT. Session 1, Richard will interview you, then direct a hypnosis session which will include an anchor and post-hypnotic conditioned response programming to greatly increase your self-discipline. Session 2, includes a regression back to the “real” cause. Session 3, together, Richard works with you to create a custom audio program that you can use daily to support the mind programming


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2-Hour Session with Richard and Roberta

Miracles can happen in two short hours! Work with Richard and Roberta to resolve blocks or issues you might have or to explore your Soul’s purpose. By combining the talents of a Medium who can see the “other side” and a hypnotherapist who can guide you through the maze of your mind, you can find the real cause of your problems, program or reprogram your mind, banish outside influences, release old fears, and so much more. Your session can be at their office in Sedona, Arizona, by Skype (which is almost like being with them) or by phone.

Richard and Roberta are located in the beautiful red-rock country of Sedona, Arizona where the scenery is spectacular year-round. The psychic-energy vortexes are wonderful to experience and Richard can help you discover them while you are here by sharing his 40 years of knowledge about them.

For your office visit, be sure to bring your own recording device if you would like to record your session. You can record on most smart-phones (iPhones, Androids, etc.)

For a Skype session, be sure to add “robertasutphen” as a contact in Skype. You’ll need to have a place to sit or lay back and get comfortable during the hypnosis portion of your session and download the “Mind Converter” MP3 audio program that comes along with your payment of this session.

For a phone session, you will need to send Roberta a recent photograph of yourself as a touchstone for her, have a speaker phone or head-set for the hypnosis portion of the session, and download the “Mind Converter” that comes along with the payment of this session.

Richard and Roberta love working together to help find your answers. It’s always a delight and very informing. You really can get answers to your questions, meet your Spirit Guide, know how the past (and/or past-lives) are truly affecting you, why you are in a relationship with a particular person this time around, and on and on.



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